About {Wedding-Words}

I got hitched in August 2014, in the magnificent London village of Harrow on the Hill.

In answer to that question most wedding magazines ask on their last page “Do you have any regrets about your wedding day, would you do anything differently”, I am blessed to say: “Absolutely nothing!”

I can honestly say that it was the wedding of my dreams! From the amazing setting and surroundings to my beautiful family and friends, the man of my dreams (obviously!), even the weather seemed picture perfect. If anything, it ended too soon!Wedding-Words.com - About

Even though some friends have been hinting that I would make an excellent career as a professional wedding planner (they must have enjoyed a thing or two about our wedding day, too!?), their ideas didn’t quite resonate with me, thus I ignored their gentle nudgings.

Until I revisited our wedding day in pictures that is!

When I showed our photo book to a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, I was nearly immediately overcome by feelings of deep contentment, appreciation and pure joy – even more so when I told her our love story and how we conveyed it on our wedding day.

So, as I also have my own freelance Content Strategy and Copywriting business (Power-Words) it seemed obvious to add ‘writing words for weddings’ to my portfolio. Especially, as I would love to help and inspire other future brides to not just celebrate their love on their wedding day, but their whole love story!

“It’s not about the monetary value you put into your wedding, but about the heart, personal touch – AND the words – you put into it.” @BforBirgit