Bridal bouquet and flowers

Flower - Flowers

Our flower arrangements made my heart sing! Not least because all flowers were hand-picked from our own  garden, but thanks to our huge and stunning Eucalyptus tree even the flowers had a bit of Australia in there, and perhaps the Lavender or Rosemary brought a little taste of Austria.

What’s more, as you will see on the wedding favors and decoration page, we named each table after the different flowers: Eucalyptus, Bowles Mauve, Lavender, Rose, Ivory and Rosemary.

The vintage vases by the way were all no more than £5 and I picked them up during my weekly grocery shop.

Bridal bouquet - BridalAnd this didn’t just make my heart sing, but it gave me goosebumps, butterflies and everything else heart-melting that you can think of!

My ‘homemade’ bridal bouquet, lovingly bundled together by my incredibly talented sister!

As you can see we upgraded our garden flowers with just a few fresh flowers from the shop, however the Eucalyptus is still the center of attraction. I felt absolutely head over heals with my bridal flowers!


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