Music, cakes and dresses - CakeFrom proper Austrian yodel music and Nena’s “99 red balloons”, to Olivia Newton John and Kylie Minogue, to Katrina and the Waves and Emilie Sande, our music truly brought the three country theme to live, and more than that: our love story.

For example we met at social dance classes, which the Crystals sing about in ‘Then he kissed me’, on one of our first dates we went to a place in Baker Street, which was also a song in the 70-ies by Gerry Rafferty, or ‘Living in a box’ by Living in a box seemed perfect to salute our box loving cats as well.

Don’t just play music at your wedding, tell a story. Your love story! - Dance

“The beauty is in your love story.” ~@BforBirgit