Wedding favors and decoration

Wedding - Favors

Next up in our three country themed love story: our self-made wedding favors.

Little shells directly from Australia, Mozart and Milka chocolate balls directly from Austria and decorative purple beads all mixed together and packed into small purple sachets, lovingly tied together by hand (in the UK) and adding one of the Lavender paper flowers that already decorated the wedding invitation.

Table plan and name cards - Table plan

As mentioned earlier, our own garden flowers did not just serve us well as decoration and for my gorgeous bridal bouquet, but their names also offered themselves as an alternative to table numbers.

To ‘sign post’ each table we took photos of each plant – Eucalyptus, Bowles Mauve, Lavender, Rose, Ivory and Rosemary – and printed them together with the flower name on to individual table cards as well as the overall seating plan.


Wedding - Booklet

Perhaps not that common, but our love story, the three country theme as well as the super matching colour scheme inspired me to even create a wedding booklet.

It seemed a good opportunity to tell our guests the three country story line, the background to some of our music choices, and also to say thank you from our extended family, that is our dog and three cats :)