Wedding website and stationery

Wedding websiteWedding-Words - Wedding Website

I guess nowadays a wedding website is a must anyway, however for us it was particularly useful as most of our guests were traveling often from afar – with the furthest coming from Australia, then Austria, Germany and Italy, and even the Essex, Kent, East Sussex and Hertfordshire lots appreciated some directions … and of course, instructions for their attire and gift donations :) I also managed to get the Australia theme in there with a dedicated page about the proposal day on 12 February 2014 at Cabarita Beach in New South Wales, Australia.

No need to mention that I loved playing with the technical set up and page structure (free WordPress template), and even more so the creative bits aka the images and words!

Wedding invitation - InvitationThis is when I first got the printer, the glue and the scissors out, and had a more serious go at graphic design, though the main template was from yet another free resource I found on the internet.

The result was a very simple design with a shell representing the Australia theme, and with the colour scheme keeping to the pink and green as per the website. Though, this is also when purple was introduced as another main colour in form of little paper based lavender lookalikes as you can see. If you look at the wedding favors and decorations you will find, that the leftover paper flowers made a beautiful extra garnish for the wedding cake.

Thank you - Thank You

Another case of printer, glue and scissors action, and another opportunity for me to let my creative juices flow – always keeping to the colour and flowery scheme – the thank you card summed it all up: The best day ever… we said yes!


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